From Vine to Wine

At Razorback Ridge Wines, we are passionate about creating high-quality wines that reflect the unique nature of our vineyards. We follow a meticulous process that involves careful attention to every detail, from grape to bottle. Here are the main stages of our wine-making process:

Razorback Ridge Wines - Picking our Grapes


All of our fruit is closely monitored to determine optimum sugar and acid levels. When ready, it is handpicked ensuring premium quality fruit. The grapes are chilled overnight ready for destemming and crushing the following day.


Crushing & Pressing

Chilled bunches go through the crusher destemer to separate grapes from stems. The berries are split by the crusher rollers. Red wine grapes and skins go to the fermentation tanks. White wine berries and skins go to the press for gentle juicing.



The red wines are fermented in traditional open top containers and the caps hand plunged to release tannins and colour. The white wines are fermented in stainless tanks slowly at low temperatures to bring out freshness and lifted fruit characters.

Clarification & Aging

The wines are left to settle naturally and then racked off the lees. The red wines are transferred to oak barrels and aged for up to 18 months depending on wine style. White wines and Rose’ wines are heat and cold stabilised before fining and filtering.


Bottling & Storage

Our wines are bottled, labelled and packaged in the winery, then stored in controlled conditions at a constant 17 degrees Celsius.

Visit our cellar door, where you can sample our wines and take home your selections.